What we are all about

We are a family of 3 currently living in our 45′ fifth wheel in an RV park near where we are looking to buy our off-grid property. It’s the perfect ‘staging grounds’ to test out our solar setups while still having access to the grid. We’ve been in our RV traveling for the past 5 years or so and have decided to settle into an “off-grid home base”. 
Our plan is to build cabins or tiny homes on our property which will require a separate  solar systems to be built for each cabin, in addition to the one in our RV. Additionally, mMy teenage son wants to build out a van and do the whole “vanlife” thing for awhile when he graduates soon, so we will be working on that project soon as well. We have many many off-grid and solar projects on the docket. We look forward to sharing our journey with everyone on YouTube as we go.
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For all business enquiries only, please email diysolar@enigmascape.com . I’m sorry to say that I do not have the time to respond to consulting or help requests via email and I will not respond to them. Sorry.