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Instant Pot Pro

The Ultimate Off-Grid Countertop Appliance!

Amazing Versatility

If you’ve not yet discovered the Instant Pot you are really missing out! I’ve had had several models, and my current model is no longer made, but this is essentially the replacement for the one I have. I recommend this one specifically because it has handles on the inner pot, which makes it double as a 6 quart stock pot that you can also use on the stove! This saves a lot of space because your stock pot is now also a part of your instant pot. Why I recommend this as the ultimate off-grid appliance is because pressure cooking is one of the most deficient ways to cook that there is. It DOES use 1000w to heat, however, it only takes about 15 minutes of run time to reach pressure and then the heating element kicks off, and only comes back on here and there for a few seconds during the RAPID cooking cycle in order to maintain the pressure. For example you can make a whole pot of dried beans with only about 15 minutes of actual power consumption (250wh). There’s about 1280wh in a typical 12v 100ah Lifepo4 battery. This means to cook something that would traditionally take 2-3 HOURS over a stove can be cooked in the instant pot and only consume 250wh or about 20% of a single 12v 100ah Lifepo4 Battery. Even a modest solar array can replenish that usage in an hour. This is “Solar Cooking” at it’s finest! If you like soups and stews this is a MUST HAVE! Throw out the old crock-pot and get this baby. Heck, it even has a slow-cooker setting too if that’s what you prefer, so there is just no need for an old fashioned crock pot anymore.

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Instant Pot Pro

Instant Pot Pro If you’ve not yet discovered the Instant Pot you are really missing [...]

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