Medium Portable Power Stations (500w-1600w)

Medium Sized Portable Power Station – Top Pick


1086 WH and 1600w of Pure Sine Wave Power!

This is a real powerhouse at 1600w of sustained power, and 3000w of peak power! With a 1086wh battery capacity makes this a fantastic option for camping or other outdoor adventures. Enough power to run a coffee pot, or many electric stoves or other cooking equipment that smaller power stations simply cannot really do. It’s also great in a power outage situation and capable of running your refrigerator for upto 7 1/2 hours to get you through the night. Pair this with upto 460 watts of solar panels and you can charge it up in about 3 hours of good sun making it a sustainable unit over an extended power outage. And it’s from Generac, a company thats been around for many many years with a good reputation, so you know warranty issues won’t be a problem.

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