WONVON (Junctek) 400a Battery Monitor Shunt

WONVON (Junctek) 400a shunt


Being able to really see whats happening with your battery bank’s state of charge is really important if you are off-grid and relying on solar for your everyday needs. It’s critical in fact to make sure your system is always performing as it should so you can troubleshoot any potential issues before they become a ‘power outage’. You can quickly see your incoming power, compensated for your current power consumption do see if you are bringing in more than you are using, or vice-versa. There is an estimated timeframe for either battery dicharge at the current rate of usage, or battery reaching full if you are in a state of charge (bring in more power than you are consuming). IMO this is a must have for any system, and it’s a great deal compared to the alternative options!

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A Great Deal

Compared to something like the Victron battery shunt, which does not even come with a screen and must be viewed in the app, this is a great deal at almost half the price!