Powerness 120w Portable Solar Panel

Powerness 120w Portable Solar Panell

I have quite a collection of portable solar panels, and this one is my favorite in the 100w (actually 120w) panel out of the bunch. The unique feature of this panel that makes it stand out (besides its great performance) is the monitoring screen built right into the back of the panel. I am a big fan of monitoring and testing and checking on things, and when you are out camping it’s great to be able to see right at the panel how different angles effect the output rather than walking back and forth to your power station. This is very convenient! I really like that its 120w instead of 100, because on a good sun day I can get about 100w out of it, which pairs perfectly with some small portable power stations that can only take in 100w, and this will maximize that solar input, whereas a 100w panel peaks out around maybe 80w of true actual output (if you’re lucky).

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Fantastic 120w Portable Solar Panel

Powerness appears to really take quality and ingenuity into their production process rather than simply cranking out cheap products in bulk. This is a company to keep an eye on for sure!