Redodo 40a MPPT Solar Charge Controller Review

This is a good budget option for a 40a MPPT charge controller. It has Bluetooth built right in so you can monitor the performance of your system from an app. The app connected right up and worked perfectly. There are no fans on this design because it has a massive heat sink, which makes it run dead silent which is a big plus. It supports 12v and 24v hookups, and a solar panel array size of upto 600w for 12v and 1200w at 24v. This is a great size for a van or small off-grid cabin where you only need 600w-1200w of solar coming in. I’ve been using it for over a month now to power my workbench and portions of my youtube studio with only a 200w panel and a single 12v 100Ah LifePO4 battery and it’s ran flawlessly paired with a Redodo 1000w 12v Pure Sine Wave Inverter. Price is really good on this, especially considering the build quality and brand reputation of Redodo.

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Good Budget Option for a 40a Solar Charge Controller

Redodo has a pretty solid reputation and I would recommend most of their products.